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2.7 Million Carats Promise To Get The 2014 By Gembel Diamonds Belgium

2.7 Million Carats Promise To Get The 2014 By Gembel Diamonds Belgium

Here Prabodh Mehta, a prestigious diamond merchant owner of gembel in Belgium promises the pearl industry to carry the year of 2014 with 2.7 million carats of diamonds by growing fresh researches, corporate collaborations with prominent segments of gem industry.

2.7 Million Carats Promise To Get The 2014 By Gembel Diamonds Belgium

2.7 Million Carats Promise To Get The 2014 By Gembel Diamonds Belgium

Diamond Company “Gembel European Sales NV in Belgium” reported the solitaire industry on the results of the year General Director of “Gembel Diamonds”, Prabodh Mehta spoke about the contact of activity in 2013, and plans for the coming year, informs to diamonds merchants in different regions of the macrocosm “In 2013, the company’s cudgel of” Gembel diamonds in belgium” has been involved in the researches of new diamonds with shrill and colorful figure with uncommon designs. In the elliptical term, that is in 2014, in adjunct to working at these facilities, the experts of Gembel commit be put into operation immediately into three fields comprised of researches on new diamonds, organizing diamond events and involving in opening new segments of Gembel in varying realm of the universe

In 2013, the troupe of Prabodh Mehta in Belgium put emphasized on researches on different diamonds with gold and silver compound where now in 2014 leave job to have union with obloquial mining centers and other prestigious diamond merchants in direction to expand its diamond businesses in all across the creation

Monetary value of cash and economic indicators of “Prabodh Mehta Gembel” for 2013:

  • Revenue from sales of halfway 6 billion rubles, which is 1.5 percent higher than targets
  • Net sake amounted to RUR 1.4 billion – 7 percent fresh than planned.
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    In 2014 time should be fundamentally different:

  • Revenue from sales of products, according to the company’s plans, bequeath retain 10 billion rubles
  • The enmesh wellbeing consign symbol to 2.7 billion rubles Dynamics as compared with 2013 year
  • All these figures and report depict how first Prabodh Mehta takes his diamond squad on the prime of the record Since from its onset in 1957 till now the Gembel has really made out of its committed services Whether it is necklace, bangles, rings or any supplementary earth of jewelry Gembel diamonds are always remain on its best while offering the cosmos with imperial diamonds.

    The company was established in the year of 1957 by Late Kirtilal Mehta who was the elite to move the venture from India to Belgium Since then the troupe has showed its peak in delivering the genuine diamonds The bunch of Gembel is official by RJC – Responsible Jewellery Council; an authority that is explainable for authorizing the brilliant team On acceptance the accreditation, Prabodh Mehta oral that it is a substantial honor for Gembel European Sales NV to obtain RJC warrant this entrust make us supplementary strict and committed towards our services On the occasion, Prabodh Mehta also added that we are on the practice to bring additional stylish and amazing mouthful of colorful diamonds

    Thus, if you are looking to buy veritable diamonds then achieve connected with Prabodh Mehta Gembel that entrust bring your identity under focus. Whether it is birthday anniversary, marital instance or any supplementary progeny or activity earn together; Gembel Diamonds in pink, purple, yellow, white or many additional here you will find modern collections of diamonds that leave make your shadow to shine

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