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Lois Gold Creates Tactile Multi-Media Pieces Reflecting the Beauty of Nature

NEW YORK, NY Chelseas Agora Gallery leave side the original workof Lois Gold in Portal to Enigma. The exhibition opens April 25, 2017 and runs through May 16, 2017 with an gap reception on Thursday, April 27 from 6-8 pm

Lois Gold Creates Tactile Multi-Media Pieces Reflecting the Beauty of Nature

Lois Gold Creates Tactile Multi-Media Pieces Reflecting the Beauty of Nature

The varied media paintings of Lois Gold are tactile and alluring, pulling viewers in with chewed colors and intriguing textures, evoking feelings of peace and tranquility Inspired by Impressionist painters like Pierre Bonnard and Claude Monet, as well as senescent frescoes, Gold utilizes a comprehensive variety of materials and techniques to donate her undertaking not only depth of color, but of surface as well She says she wants her paintings to be felt as well as seen”

A few of the common materials Gold uses are gold leaf, beaded gels, handmade papers, pastels, sponges, stamps, and stencils, all of which she collages together with acrylic pigment, bedew washes, finger painting, and traditional brushwork The resulting images reach from landscapes, to dormant lifes, to obscure plant that recognize organic forms

Gold was born in New York City, but has traveled the macrocosm and visited art museums extensively since childhood She says her job is keenly personal, and describes the performance of depiciton as a sensual experience reflecting her heart of grace and nature, and her reaction for life

Exhibition Dates: April 25, 2017 May 16, 2017

Reception: Thursday, April 27, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Gallery Hours: Tues-Sat 11:00am 6:00pm

Gallery Location: 530 West 25th St, Chelsea, New York

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Event URL: http://wwwagora-gallerycom/artistpage/Lois_Goldaspx

Featured Artists:

Portal to Enigma

Mague Brewer | A. Cornelia Weigle | Sven Weigle | Catherine Harasymiw | Patricia Queiruga | Cristina Prieto Crespi | Cindy Parsley | Lois Gold

About the Exhibition

Portal to Enigma

Agora Gallery is thankful to allot Portal to Enigma, a new company exhibition exploring the possibilities of desperate notion and non-representational art As its word suggests, this display is about finding meaning within compositions that can be obscure or even withholding The job on evince throws the spotlight on the non-literal components of visual depiction: texture, color, form, and layout in space. Portal to Enigma is a unique survey of the existing in abstraction

Among the eight featured artists are some who gambit with landscape, some who manoeuvre with figural studies, and some who work purely face of representational boundaries One performer fractures the human device into slices midpoint as if to manifest the motility of time across the canvas. Another depicts temper as a romantic, impenetrable collection of impossibly rich colors The exhibition includes experiments in pattern, texture, and highly complex mark-making. These are some of the most energized, relentlessly curious obscure artists working in the province today