April 20, 2024


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Louis Vuitton R?veil Tambour Travelling Clock

There is no distrust Louis Vuitton is an out-standing among the brands material culture of second tourism. In the province of means timepiece and jewelry design, it furthermore has a pride of recess in style stage In October Louis Vuitton is going to release its new timepiece and jewelry successively, which mix with the Louis Vuittons distinctive creation, traditional craftsmanship and spirit of pursuing perfection

Louis Vuitton R?veil Tambour Travelling Clock

Louis Vuitton R?veil Tambour Travelling Clock

Among the new products, the smart Louis Vuitton Rveil Tambour Travelling Clock is the skipper to push. Its graceful decoration and practicality vividly and incisively declare its tradition as a brand of tourism culture while the chewed craftsmanship shows us its best timepiece-made technique. The new timepiece is housed by an aesthetic steel point measuring 57 mm in diameter To remind the landlord what time it is in his home innocent the clock is equipped with the final case belt indicator. The alarm-clock powered by a high-quality quartz progress is guarded by a stylish purse burrow the Damier Graphite mound This Rveil Tambour Travelling Clock and Baby Ardentes Fine Jewelry own made the debut in every Louis Vuitton stores through the system in October.


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