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Nickel and nickel alloys

Nickel powdermainly used in chemical catalyst, flux cored wire, magnetic materials, diamond tools. Based on nickel adding additional elements called nickel mix composition of the alloy

Nickel and nickel alloys

Nickel and nickel alloys

Nickel has excellent mechanical, physical andchemical properties, to add a suitable element can improve its oxidationresistance, excoriation resistance, gigantic temperature force and emend certainphysical properties Nickel alloys as electron tubes, authenticity brew (magneticalloy, rectness resistance alloys, electric alloys, etc), nickel-basedsuperalloy, nickel-based corrosion proof alloys and rub memory alloy.Energy development, chemicals, electronics, marine, aviation and aerospacesectors, nickel assortment has a sweeping range of uses

As the surveys by metal powder supplier, nickel cancompose of a variety of alloys like copper, iron, manganese, chromium, silicon,magnesium The nickel-copper brew is important monel, its big strength, goodplasticity, in the atmosphere subservient 750 degrees the chemical stability is good,and widely used in the electrical industry, vacuum tubes, chemical industry,medical tackle and marine craft industrial

The nickel base superalloys: the mainalloying elements are chromium, tungsten, molybdenum, cobalt, aluminum,titanium, boron, zirconium, etc. Which chromium has the create of antioxidantand anti-corrosive, the other elements own strengthening engender Under a hightemperature of 650 to 1000 C has a lofty tenacity and anti-oxidation, anti-gascorrosion resistance is the most widely applied in the high-temperature alloys,high temperature and the leading intensity of a station of alloys Used in themanufacture of aircraft machine blades and rocket engines, temperatures on partsof the nuclear reactor, easgerness conversion devices.

Nickel-based ulcer unsusceptible alloys:the major alloying elements are copper, chromium, and molybdenum Has a goodoverall performance, resistance to pungent sore and importance chafe Thefirst application is the nickel-copper alloy, besides confessed as monel; in additionto there are also own the nickel-chromium alloy, nickel-molybdenum alloys,nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloy, etc Used in the forging of a variety ofcorrosion-resistant parts.

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A nickel-base wear-resistant alloy: themain concoction elements are chromium, molybdenum, tungsten, further contains a smallamount of niobium, tantalum, and indium Except for the wear resistance performance,it furthermore with good anti-oxidation, corrosion, welding performance. Can bemanufactured wear parts, can furthermore be used as the coating material to be coatedon the surface of the additional base relevant through the surfacing and sprayingprocess

The nickel-base the authenticity alloy:nickel-based juicy magnetic alloys, nickel-based accuracy resistance alloys andnickel-based alloys for electrical heating The most commonly used softmagnetic mixture containing about 80% nickel, permalloy, its maximum permeabilityand the starting gigantic permeability, low coercive force, is the nucleus allied whichimportant to the electronics industry The main mix side is chromium,aluminum, copper nickel base authenticity resistor alloy, this combination has a highresistivity and low temperature coefficient of resistivity and gain corrosionresistance, for the creation of resistors Nickel base electrothermal assortment isnickel concoction containing 20% chromium, has a good oxidation resistance,corrosion resistance, long-term use at a temperature of 1000 ~ 1100

Nickel-based press memory alloys: a nickelalloy containing 50% titanium. Its reaction temperature is 70 C, the shapememory originate is behalf The derisory changes in the percentage of nickel-titaniumcomposition, the compensation temperature can be varied within the radius of 30 ~ 100 And further used in the forging of the colony automatically openstructural parts, the self-excitation fasteners aerospace industry, bio-medicaluse of the affected core motor Source:http://wwwmhcmpcom